Installation Pricing


Organic balloon garlands are one of the most versitile balloon decor options available! They easily transform any space, including indoors and outdoors, while maximizing coverage area. To make price comparing easiest for you,

here's what we include in our balloon garland pricing: 


$20 per linear foot ( 10 ft installation minimum) 

- Any single colors you'd like - no limits.

-All balloons ranging in size from 5"-24"; this gives it the full organic effect with depth and texture. 

- Installation* 


Any add-ons and additional costs:

- Delivery starting at $25, generally $3 per mile one way + tolls or $25 minimum. 

-Embellishments such as foil/mylar balloons, florals (faux or fresh), confetti filled balloons, customization on balloons. 

-Any customized double stuffed colors (one balloon stuffed inside another to achieve a new color- yes, this is a thing!)

-multiple placments, balloon strike/removal,

more than two chrome colors.


* Additional installation fees may incur based on size, scope, complexity, and alloted time for project.