Balloon Harvest - DIY Balloon Garland Kit

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This "Balloon Harvest" DIY Garland is the perfect backdrop in fall colors for any gathering! It includes burnt orange a mustard yellow, evergreen, cream, and cranberry - just like all the colors of a solid Thanksgiving plate!

Our balloon garlands are a modern take on a balloon arch, but way more relaxed and elegant. They are super easy to put together. If you have patience, time, and a glass of your favorite______, trigger the balloon garland decor!
Garland Shown on image is 6ft. 
What's Included:
  • Latex Balloons ranging in size from 5"-17"(for up to 8ft garland), deflated
  • 160Q Balloons, deflated
  • Command hooks -There are 2 included for 6 feet garlands and  3 for 10 + feet garlands.
  • Monofilament line
  • Instructions
Good to Know:
  • Garland shown in first image is 6ft long (think the span of a folding table
  • All garlands are about 2 feet thick.
  • Command Hooks  are the best way to attach it to a wall. 
Not Included:
  • Balloon Pump. Can be added on!